Zach Sheeran – Stand Up Paddleboard

Caught up with a friend, Zach Sheeran, on Halloween at 25th Avenue on Isle of Palms for a little stand up paddleboard video session on Saturday. This video makes me realize how shotty the tripod I have been using really is with the XH-A1. It works great with my HV30 but can’t quite cut it with a heavier camera.

If you notice, there’s a GoPro camera mounted on the front of the paddleboard.  We had talked about editing the footage from my camera and his GoPro together. Unfortunately, it’s only the standard definition one so in order to edit the footage with what was coming out of the XH-A1 we would have to down convert the HD to SD.  Can’t wait for the GoPro HD to get our hands on some GoPro HD versions.

Camera: XH-A1
Edit: Premiere Pro CS4
Color: MBL

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