Flamenco Guitar with Dori Chitayat

Dori Chitayat

Had the chance to shoot some video the other day with a very talented local (Charleston, South Carolina) flamenco guitar player, Dori Chitayat.

I had just got in a new black background and was anxious to try it out.  There’s something about video shot on a black background that just really focuses the viewer on the subject unlike anything else.

We did this really quickly in four takes with one camera at the end of a long day of shooting at a make-shift studio room we had rented for the day.    Looking forward to doing some more videos like this one.

Be sure to check out Dori’s site where you can hear more of his music and see his schedule for upcoming shows – www.spanishflamencoguitar.com

Camera: XH-A1
Lighting: Lowel Pro and Omni lights
Edit: Premiere Pro CS4
Grading: Magic Bullet Looks (mainly just to crush the blacks)