Great Day With Friends

Just a simple video of some great friends. A bunch of us have had kids lately and we decided to head downtown Charleston to “go see Santa!” Unfortunately, we got downtown on a rainy Saturday and Santa had already left his hangout so we decided to grab some lunch. Later that night we we had a little holiday gathering at our house. Still getting used to the form factor of the Canon 60D and pulling focus.

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4

Just Purchased A Canon 60D

I recently bit the bullet and jumped into the DSLR video world.  Right off the bat the form factor of the camera freaked me out.  My main camera for a while has been a Canon XH-A1 – a proper video camera, with proper buttons/switches as well as proper XLR phantom powered audio jacks with knobs for audio control.  The XH-A1 has a built in mic mount.  You hold it in your right hand and it has a proper viewfinder.  Jumping in a DSLR has hardly any of the above!

I chose a Canon 60D.  I chose this camera for several reasons:

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