Bruno’s Birthday Kite Trip

Took a trip to Florida back in January for a friend’s birthday.  We mainly used it as an excuse to get out of town to do some kiting somewhere a bit warmer than where we live.  This was all shot on the ICW side of Sebastian Inlet.  I decided to go “Super Obnoxious” with the Magic Bullet Looks, thus the crazy gradient.  We have this birthday tradition among kiters of smearing cake on your head and rubbing it in with a frying pan.  Got it from two camera angles at the end of the video.

Camera: XH-A1, HV30, Vio POV:1

Edit: Premiere Pro CS4

Color: overboard with Magic Bullet Looks

A Day On The Water – From My Point Of View

Update: This was the system I used before the GoProHD camera came out which is a much simpler system to use (no wires!).  I would suggest it over the VioSport POV1.

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I purchased a VioSport POV1 January of 2009 and for being a small camera I have to say it’s built rock solid.  The camera head is made of metal, not plastic.  This was one of the reasons I really liked this unit because I know how well cheap little plastic cameras hold up.

If you are buying this camera one thing you must buy is the mounting pouch for the recording unit.  It’s a sturdy little bag that holds the recording unit snugly in place and offers some snapping straps that allow you to mount it to various things.  For kiteboarding, it mounts perfectly on the straps on my harness right next to my right hip which makes it easy to Continue reading A Day On The Water – From My Point Of View