Canon 60D Hot Shoe/Onboard Flash Problem

Just wanted to pass along something that happened to my 60D tonight as well as how to fix it.

I was shooting some pictures at a fundraiser and could not get my internal flash to pop up.  Tried everything.  In the menu, I went to Menu>First Camera Tab (the first tab on the left)>Flash Control>Built-in Flash Func. setting – it gave me a message saying something like “This option not available when external flash connected”.  The issue is I don’t own an external flash for this camera and nothing was connected.

I have, however, been using the hotshoe to hold other camera accessories, such as a Zoom H4n, a shotgun mic, a wireless Sennheiser receiver, etc.  I am wondering if we are all overloading what these hotshoes and how much they were really designed to hold???

Canon 60D Hotshoe - notice small flexible piece of metal tucked under rail.

After getting home and in bright light I figured out what the issue is and it is a “small” one.  Underneath the right rail on the cameras hotshoe there is a flexible piece of metal that pushes a tiny, and I mean TINY, little black plastic pin switch down when something is slid into the hot shoe.

Notice tiny black button under rail.

SOLUTION:  Take a tiny little flat head screwdriver or pick and GENTLY lift up the flexible piece of metal a bit so it takes pressure of the tiny black pin switch.

77 thoughts on “Canon 60D Hot Shoe/Onboard Flash Problem”

  1. We are all in your debt. My flash problem started yesterday, and you were one Google away! Thanks!

    Uh, Canon, we seem to have a design problem here.

  2. Thanks a lot, exactly the same in my 60D.
    I thought about the same problem of pressure, and you confirm it!
    It’s already fixed it!

  3. Thank you so much for this brilliant sollution.I’ve had the same problem for more than a year. Now I feel born again with my CANON working perfect.
    THANK YOU ! ! !

  4. Thanks so much! I knew it was a hot show issue, but no one could give me the right answer. I just got off the phone with Canon and they gave me the one-two, but no luck. They suggested sending it in (of course). googled hot shoe issues for 60D and viola! you sir gave me the key to open my flash! thanks so much!

  5. I have a canon 60d suddanly stopped the external flash, all functions are ok. But hot shoe is not working. this proble majer are not pls rectify my problum.

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I started to worry how much this was going to cost me. I came across other threads before yours and your solution was exactly what I needed. The pictures helped very much!

    In debt to you kind sir. Thank you!!

  7. Err 05 The built in flash could not be raised,Turn the camera off and on again…it always appear on my canon 60d screen..and my flash is not working,can you help me?

  8. After surfing many answers i start to use some advises and I pull up the sides of the hot shoes but in the end discovered it was the medle hot shoes plate that was glued down I just used a cuticle remover tool to pull it up gently, it did imediatle came up! It probable rusted glueing it down I’m so relieved!!!! =]] I can’t wait to hear it being released for you too!!

  9. I am having issues with my flash not syncing at all with my canon 60D.
    I see your photo and mine is flipped up over the switch. How might I fix this?
    Does it have to be pressing that switch? Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Thanks a lot!! This problem started today, after I used the external flash. Very easy and simple solution.

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