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Angel Oak – Johns Island, SC

Angel Oak

Had an appointment out on Kiawah this morning. Had always wondered where the Angel Oak was and on the way to Kiawah I saw the sign for it. Had the camera with me and swung by on the way back. It really is an amazing tree. It is over 1500 years old and over 89 feet wide. The limbs are amazing. They grow so far and heavy that in some places they sit on top the ground. If you look to the left of the base of the trunk there is a lady holding a baby (to give you some perspective of the massiveness of the thing thing). Click the image for a larger view.

Blue Anges over Charleston Harbor

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels were in town this past weekend and put on two shows, Saturday and Sunday, over the harbor in Charleston.  I still remember my mom and dad taking me to see them when I was really young in the 1970’s.  They jets were F4J’s back then.  Now they are F/A 18 Hornets.  These planes are, as my friend Leon put it, a true testament of the power of fossil fuel.  The Blue Angels Official Website.

Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikon 55-200mm 4-5.6 VR