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American College of Building Arts

Short piece I put together for the American College of Building Arts. Really an amazing concept for a college as the skills they teach are becoming lost and there is a high demand for people with the know-how to restore and preserve the world’s architectural heritage.

Camera: Canon XH-A1
Audio: Sennheiser G2 lav mic
Lighting: Lowell dv creator kit
Slider: DIY ZaZa Slider (Igus rail system)
Edit: Premiere Pro CS5 with MBL

Xpel Paint Protection – No More Rock Chips!

As some of you know, my wife and I recently had a baby boy and I looked hard and long for a new vehicle to be the “kid hauler”.  I came across a 2005 Land Rover LR3 that was in better than pristine shape…..and I wanted to keep it that way.  I turned to a friend that owns a local detailing company, Pleasant Details ( who now installs Xpel Paint Protection Film.  This film prevents the leading edge surfaces of your vehicle from rock chips, bugs, and minor road debris.

Shot some video for their website of the install on my vehicle.

Camera: Canon HV30 with WD-H43 wide angle
Lighting: Lowell
Slider: ZaZa Slider (DIY slider using Igus rail system)

Flamenco Guitar with Dori Chitayat

Dori Chitayat

Had the chance to shoot some video the other day with a very talented local (Charleston, South Carolina) flamenco guitar player, Dori Chitayat.

I had just got in a new black background and was anxious to try it out.  There’s something about video shot on a black background that just really focuses the viewer on the subject unlike anything else.

We did this really quickly in four takes with one camera at the end of a long day of shooting at a make-shift studio room we had rented for the day.    Looking forward to doing some more videos like this one.

Be sure to check out Dori’s site where you can hear more of his music and see his schedule for upcoming shows –

Camera: XH-A1
Lighting: Lowel Pro and Omni lights
Edit: Premiere Pro CS4
Grading: Magic Bullet Looks (mainly just to crush the blacks)

Bruno’s Birthday Kite Trip

Took a trip to Florida back in January for a friend’s birthday.  We mainly used it as an excuse to get out of town to do some kiting somewhere a bit warmer than where we live.  This was all shot on the ICW side of Sebastian Inlet.  I decided to go “Super Obnoxious” with the Magic Bullet Looks, thus the crazy gradient.  We have this birthday tradition among kiters of smearing cake on your head and rubbing it in with a frying pan.  Got it from two camera angles at the end of the video.

Camera: XH-A1, HV30, Vio POV:1

Edit: Premiere Pro CS4

Color: overboard with Magic Bullet Looks