Adobe CS5 and Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Looks 1.4

I recently updated my operating system to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit in order to take full advantage of the new Adobe CS5 suite.  In fact, I wasn’t even able to install portions of CS5 because my machine was running Vista 32 bit.  Unfortunately, the programs that wouldn’t install were the ones I use most – Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photo Shop.  Somehow I managed to purchase a computer, when Vista came out, that had a 64 bit processor but only a 32 bit operating system.

To fix the first problem, I upgraded my operating system to 64 bit Windows Ultimate ($189 on Tiger Direct).

Once I had everything installed I started adding my plug-ins back into my programs only to find out that my favorite one, Magic Bullet Looks, from Red Giant Software, would not install on my new 64 bit operating system.  After checking the Red Giant site I found they were offering an upgrade to make their products work in the new 64 bit environment. For more information on that, check here. So, I purchased that and installed it.

Magic Bullet Looks said it installed correctly. It shows up in my Video Effects section. But now in Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5, when I went to apply “Looks” it would crash both programs.

I am running a ATI graphics card and after much digging around on the web found that there is an issue with the latest Red Giant upgrades conflicting with the latest ATI drivers.

So, long story short, if you are having issues with this as well (and don’t won’t to waste about 6 hours on digging around for answers as I did) simply roll your drivers back a release or two and Magic Bullet Looks, as well as their other plug-ins will run smoothly.

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