Kiteboarding Exercises with Sarah Ellis

I teamed up with a local kiteboarder/personal trainer/friend, Sarah Ellis, to make a video for an upcoming article in a kiteboarding magazine.  Sarah really is a joy to work with.  She knows her stuff and can deliver in a manner that makes it simple to understand.  I need to start taking some of her advice before hitting the water!

You can find more info about and from Sarah at her site at

Camera: Canon XH-A1
Color Preset: Wolfgang S-log 04 (Thanks to Vimeo User “vitart” for sharing this preset – awesome color).
Audio: Sennheiser ew100 wireless lav mic (a little wind noise and frequency interference in a few places).
Lighting: Bounced the setting sun using a 42″ gold reflector to kill the shadows – Thanks to Leon for the steady hands.

Edited in Premiere CS4, After Effects CS4 and a bit of Photosohp CS4 for the lower thirds.

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